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Access to ALL of OptionTiger's 140+ Courses and Strategies, plus the benefits of being an INSIDER Member: Member only market update videos, Live trade classes and Webinars. Invest in your trading skills by starting a full OptionTiger INSIDERS membership for just $149 (Reg. $197).






Make the best decision of your trading career by starting a Lifetime OptionTiger INSIDERS membership for just $2,397 (Reg. $3,895) and gain lifetime access to all current and future OptionTiger materials for the price of less than a year membership, for an unlimited time.

Access to ALL of OptionTiger's 140+ Courses and Strategies, plus the benefits of being an Insider Member: Member only market update videos, live trade videos,
and Webinars.


Why should I join the OptionTiger INSIDERS?

If you already trade options, you know that trading requires deep knowledge and understanding, as well as access to fresh insights, and  a creative set of tools and strategies.

At OptionTiger, we recognize that knowledge is power, and therefore we've created the most comprehensive Options Education library online, with more than 140+ courses and strategies. Made specifically for Option Trades who are in it for the long run, and want to make decisions themselves as opposed to rely on some "guru" to give them exact trades to follow blindly.

That's why we've developed and curated the best Options Education Courses, coupled with a diverse set of unique and proprietary trading strategies, that will help you improve your trading and become an expert. To ensure you get the most out of your membership, the INSIDERs access also includes the following:

  • Member only live classes, market updates and trade ideas (By Hari)
  • Proprietary Strategies for Day Trading, Monthly Income, Earning periods, Swing Trades and more.
  • Member only Webinars
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About the Option Tiger Community

OptionTiger courses and strategies have been developed by Options Investor Hari Swaminathan. Hari is a self made trader with 10+ years experience trading, currently teaching more than +30,000 students who bought his courses on OptionTiger and Udemy, and left 3,289 reviews that avaraged 4.5 out of 5 stars.

If you are new to trading, our educational curriculum will get you on your feet and ready to trade with a deep knowledge base and understanding. Many of our traders found out about us only after they experienced devestating losses. If you are just getting started, you have the opportunity to avoid some of these losses, and begin trading with a solid foundation instead of learning ALL of the lessons the hard way.

Options Trading has a very steep learning curve, and therefore takes time to master, gain confidence and avoid mistakes. Anyone who is saying otherwise is simply not being very honest.

What Kind of Benefits Can You Expect

  • Strategies for Executives and the Busy - one of the biggest difficulties our students encountered with Options Trading, is balancing trading with a 9/5 (or 9/9) schedule. For that reason, many of our unique strategies are built to work with busy schedules, only requiring occasional monitoring and adjustments (once every few days/weeks).
  • Day Trading if your goal is to trade full time and make a living with trading, we have Day Trading specific strategies and systems to help you make a living day trading.
  • Earnings Tradingif your goal is to maximize Options Trading around quarterly earnings, we've developed some solid strategies focusing on these alone. This type of trading is classical for the "hit & run" trader, waiting for high activitiy and volatility periods.
  • Income Strategies - for our traders who trade in the weekly + time horizon, with the aim of generating a solid income every month, our Income strategies will help create a long-term and steady monthly income.



You may have realized why we chose INSIDERS to describe our community. Of course, it is not due to any illegal trading practices or manipulation. It is simply because our high quality tradering community provides the best information and support, resulting in more successful understanding and trading. You can try to do everything yourself, or you can join a community and share in the knowledge of many.


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  • This three course bundle is exactly what anyone looking to seriously trade options should get. Hari Swaminathan manages to provide one of the best all-around set of explanations and training on options you can find. His superb communication skills and mastery of the subject take the willful pupil to a level of comprehension in a very short time. You get to appreciate the wonderful potential of trading options while growing an affinity to this trading vehicle. Hari Swaminathan is no make believe artist. He trades daily and has been for years. Anyone who's following Hari definitely becomes a fan. He has a amazing track record and makes you profit from his skills. His generosity is also exemplary. He answers questions with a rarely seen promptitude and has an extraordinary patience.
  • Fantastic course! Hari does a great job with this course. I came to it already knowing a fair bit about options. But because I want to use the course as the basis for continuing with Hari's higher level option courses, I decided to take it. I was surprised to discover just how much I did not know. I was also surprised to discover just how much easier it is to learn the relevant concepts via video lessons than by reading a book, something I've tried to do in the past with little success. Or maybe its just Hans teaching style that makes it so easy, and enjoyable. Regardless, I heartily recommend the course.
    Dr. E.W
      Dr. E.W
  • Let me start by saying that your training videos are phenomenal!!! The smart money presentation was so good that even my wife (she is electrical engineer who specialized in pattern recognition and algorithm development) enjoy it. I am planning to expand my education and buying more Courses from you site, taking the courses I realized that at this point I am an option gambler and not really an investor or trader - hopefully with your web site I will get there soon. Please keep me on your mailing lists. I will enter another order for another 10 courses this time on Friday morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included in the OptionTiger INSIDERS Lifetime Membership? +

Everything. Everything that currently exists on the website and every future content and access to live content on All content is available for lifetime members indefinitely. If you are in this for the long run, this will be the best investment you will make in your trading abilities. Recall that our content updates regularly and our knowledge base only grows faster with time.

Is it possible to receive a refund for purchases I make on +

While it is possible to cancel a subscription and stop future payments, purchases of digital content is non-refundable. For any more questions about our refund policies please contact us directly.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? +

Absolutely, as soon as you cancel your subscription, you will be discharged of any future payments, starting with the next billing cycle.

When does the membership plan start? +

The membership plan content becomes available at 8/1/2017. The discounted rate is a prelaunch rate for those who already understand the value of OptionTiger’s courses, learning materials and mentoring. Please refer to our free courses and reviews to see why so many people trust our curriculum.

Should I maybe start with purchasing one course? +

As a trader or future trader, it is important for us that you make the most economically sound decision at any time. Our courses cost more than $180 per course, and buy buying a membership you gain access for all courses for just $9.95 for the first month. You can also cancel the membership at any time if you are not pleased, but we are confident that purchasing the membership is the best decision.

Do I receive immediate access to all courses and materials upon registering? +

You will receive full access to all courses and materials once the membership plan starts, at August 1st 2017. Monthly members will receive full access for as long as they are members, and lifetime members will receive unlimited lifetime access. Note that you are not only gaining access to present materials, but also to all future materials and innovative strategies posted by Hari.

Is it still worth it for me if I already purchased Hari's courses on Udemy or OptionTiger +

Absolutely! As mentioned, not only will you get access to courses never published anywhere before, but even more courses will be added regularly, as well as members only events and webinars with Hari that are not available anywhere else. Trading is a rapidly changing field and it is always important to keep up with the market.

What levels is this program best for? +

Traders of all levels, from beginners to advanced traders, will find great value in this program. The program already contains a curriculum for all levels, and while we have courses to get you on your feet and trading, we also have courses with advanced strategies and the most updated trading tips. Moreover, our knowledge base is constantly growing – more courses, webinars and trading strategies are regularly added by Hari.

The new launched at 8/1/2017, and as an existing OptionTiger member now is your time to get the early bird special pricing.

*INSIDER Early-Bird is limited to the first 100 subscribers only.

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