GOOG Bear Call gone awfully bad…

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Awesome GOOG Bear Call


Okay which one is it ??


In the Trading Ideas service, we put this GOOG Bear Call at 820 / 830 two weeks ago when GOOG was at around 785.

It moved up steadily, and we did 2 adjustments.


1) We bought 2 contracts of the ITM Call at 780 about a week ago when GOOG was at 800.


2) Yesterday, we took off 1 contract of the 820 short call for a loss of $400. So we were left with -9 of the 820 and +10 of the 830.


Today GOOG blasts off to 835. But look at how the adjustments worked out, even though the Bear Call went awfully bad. The 2 contracts of the ITM 780 Call produced profits of $4200 completely overcoming the Bear call.




We closed the position for a total profit of $1500. Amazing trade !!


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