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Options trading beginners package


I’ve mentioned many a time that the single biggest challenge Options trading beginners face is that of trial and error in the first few months of Options trading. You think you know how Options work, and you put on a couple of trades. Occasionally, beginner’s luck favors the newbie and a couple of good outcomes is all you need to get your adrenaline pumped up. So far so good..


But a majority of Options traders give up in the first year because


1) They try certain strategies, lose money but can’t figure out why their trades lost money.


2) Repeated trial and error ultimately has a debilitating effect on their accounts, and they’re forced to exit the business forever.


At OptionTiger, we want you to avoid falling into this trap. Options have a learning curve. To help Options trading beginners, we’ve put together this great “starter” package. It includes a FREE 2-month mentoring service for your trades. This is invaluable, because this is the time most Options traders make their mistakes. Check it out by clicking the links below.





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