Is Distribution setting in on the SPY Charts

Chart reading skills

The SPY Charts on Feb 25, 2013


Today, mostly for reasons related to the undesirable outcome in Italian elections, the market seemed to have given up all the morning gains.


Notwithstanding, the markets seemed to be grinding up in the last few days leading up to a big day on Friday to close the week. The SPX was at 1518, and this morning it touched 1525.


But an analysis of the SPY Charts in the last few days tells us there is some distribution happening.


Please check chart below and the last few days circled in yellow




1) The down days have had large volume. Possible smart money selling.


2) The up days have no volume. No smart money buying, only retail buying.


3) RSI showing weakness


4) On Balance volume clearly showing money coming out the SPYs.


It’s time to be watchful, especially with the Sequestration decision right around the corner.

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