Intermediate Options Trading Course

This course gets into the "CORE" of Options. Option Spreads are a MUST to be an expert. You'l learn Technical analysis, Smart money, and chart reading skills which are critical for every monthly income strategies. This course teaches the skills needed to begin trading options successfully, and allowing you to further basic concepts into profitable strategies.

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This is a vital course on the road to Options mastery. All "advanced" Options strategies are built upon Option Spread components explained in this course.

What Will I Get From This Course?

Peeling off the complexities of Financial markets

Financial markets are the perfect example of a "complex system", where a hundred different factors can affect prices. You'll truly appreciate this fact, as you understand some of the best practices that are key to crafting excellent strategy, and making good decisions. Knowledge is power. When you trade with knowledge, you can trade with confidence.

Spot, Track and Follow the "Smart Money"

If you had the ability to spot and track the big money going into a stock, or getting out of it, that 's the kind of insight that can truly give you the "EDGE". This is an "art", and will reinforce your understanding of the fundamental principles that drive markets. The markets are not random, and stock price movement is not random. There is a method hidden behind the madness.

A critical bridge to cross

Being able to precisely fine-tune the risk and reward characteristics of your trade idea is powerful. This analysis provides a framework for thinking about investing and trading in unique perspectives, including concepts of "Income strategies" or "Non-directional" trading. The strategy is all Math and Probability analysis, something that's useful in any situation, notwithstanding its limitations.

A complete full-circle understanding of the Markets

Regardless of what instrument you trade, there are certain "market wide" concepts that apply universally. Like Technical analysis, its Pros, and its limitations. Or trade management and risk management. Or the details associated with ETF trading and Index trading. We're truly broadening the knowledge horizon by studying the many factors that impact the markets.

What Will You Learn In The Course?

  • Option Spreads

    The philosophy of Option spreads, and detailed analysis of all 4 Spreads, which are an extension of Single options. Learn about Credit and Debit spreads

  • Technical Analysis

    Chart reading skills are essential to getting a good entry or an exit. Includes Volume analysis and the fascinating art of following “Smart Money”

  • Live trade examples

    Each Option spread has Live trades over a few weeks. Choosing the right spread for a certain trade outlook will avoid costly mistakes

  • 360 degree Market view

    Concepts that are critical to becoming a complete Option spread trader. Risk management, ETF and Index options, Options simulation, Options expiry, VIX..

  • Total Risk analysis

    Analyzing an Options position before, during and at exit time is truly unique to Options. Model your position for all kinds of possibilities to really understand its dynamics

  • Income Strategies

    You’ll learn about sophisticated ways to create consistent income, along with a detailed analysis of risks and the rewards, and the role that Probability plays in Options

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Study of Technical analysis
  • Module 2: Study of Volume analysis
  • Module 3: Track and follow the BIG PLAYERS
  • Module 4: The philosophy of Option Spreads
  • Module 5: The BULL CALL Spread (Live trade)
  • Module 6: The BEAR CALL Spread (Live trade)
  • Module 7: The BEAR PUT Spread (Live trade)
  • Module 8: The BULL PUT Spread (Live trade)
  • Module 9: The art of Adjustments with Spreads
  • Module 10: Monthly Income Strategies
  • Module 11: Risk and Trade Management
  • Module 12: The VIX or "The Fear" Index
  • Module 13: ETF and Index trading
  • Module 14: Advanced Options Simulation
  • Module 15: Options Expiry and Weekly Options

Example Video From Course

Continue your Options Journey to become A successful Trader.

About Hari Swaminathan

Knowledge. Strategy. Execution.

OptionTiger is founded by Hari Swaminathan, an entrepreneur, and a self-taught Options Mentor for almost 10 years. Hari has created 40+ free and paid Option Trading courses, developed proprietary trading strategies for advanced traders, and continues to publish insightful commentary of the most important issues in financial markets, options trading and investing at the OptionTiger Blog. 

Hari has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from India, and MBA degrees from Columbia University in NYC and London Business School in the U.K.

Hari teaches us how VIX is important key component to option trading and which strategies you should employ in various VIX environments.

The VIX is one way to gauge the amount of fear that is priced into the market. The great thing he explained is fundamentals behind VIX calculations, and how the correlations were built between market and VIX over years. Definitely helps you in understanding options trading better, without high VIX, I mean fear 🙂

Thanks Hari for such wonderful course!

- Amit

Every option trader needs to be aware of and understand the VIX index.

If you are not clear on the "Fear Index," Hari does an excellent job in explaining what the VIX is about, as well as very good insight into how to position your trades when the index changes in value.

Thanks Hari. Great job !!!

- Dave

Great primer on option components

This course provides detailed overviews of the different components of options. The lectures are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Hari does a great job explaining the concepts but keeping the information at a level suitable for a beginner. Before this course I had no idea what Implied Volatility was or what the Greeks meant. Now I have a solid understanding of their basics and function. I look forward to taking more courses and expanding on this knowledge. Thanks Hari.

- Jason
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