DayTradeMax:  A methodology to unlock Intra-day trading opportunities. Uses commonly available Technical Indicators, that are highly customized to produce the best "trading signals".

DayTradeMax is about increasing Day Trading success. Day Trading relies on finding a reliable entry point that's based on technical indicators and analysis, and a trade plan that takes advantage of the signal and exploit the opportunity. Risk management plan is crucial, for the scenario that the trade doesn't go as planned. This is what DayTradeMAX is all about.

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What's inside DayTradeMAX

  • The Tools


    A deep dive into the exercise of customizing common Indicators to suit your needs. This skill is portable, and will give you a tool to explore your own advanced customization of Indicators.  

  • The Knowledge


    DayTrading signals can be quite noisy. Because we have to make decisions based on a lot of choppy data, you’ll learn the skills and the rationale behind customization of these Indicators, or “data normalization”.

  • Real World Examples


    A concept like DayTrading cannot be done justice without Live examples. And this product will NOT disappoint. Examples are shown below in our DayTrading Chat room.

The DayTradeMAX Webinar - Key Proprietary Methods


The DayTradeMAX Methods, Trade Management and Adjustments

The DayTradeMAX is an intra-day trading system where trades can last from a few minutes to a few hours. Use DayTradeMAX signals for Stocks, Futures and Options. It's all about "Technical Trading". Laser targeted entry using customized indicators for powerful SIGNALS that drive high-probability signals (EDGE). Comes with complete trade entry and trade management techniques, and Risk Management. Includes "Guerilla adjustment techniques" for the losing trades. Goal is to break even or minimize losses. Trade management intensity is HIGH. Sorry, lunch may have to wait for a while! Day Trading is by nature very "choppy". The goal is to target 7 to 8 clear winners out of 10. Watch the complete Playlist of videos above that demonstrates the key features.

What the OptionTiger Trading Community Says

Really informative course!

I really learned a lot in this course. The GLD trade turned out to be a great teaching example because of all of the adjustments that needed to be made. I now have the confidence to try those types of adjustments myself,

- Benjamin

This is a key step to options educations

I was very impressed to the detailed teaching of this level for options.

- Allen
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