ETFMax: Low risk high reward investing using ETFs.They have an image of being boring instruments. As you'll find out, nothing could be further from the truth.

ETFs are well diversified, less volatile than stocks, and have no concept of earnings reports related volatility. They overcome all disadvantages of mutual funds. This strategy shows you the true power of options on ETFs, that many investors are unaware of.

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What's inside the ETFMAX product

  • The Tools

    Business cycles and industry sectors are “cyclical”. They go up and down in a wave-form. Money flows in or out of the main industry sectors in a big way. Tracking “sector rotation”, spotting the professionals, and getting a huge EDGE  is the core of ETFMAX.

  • The Knowledge

    ETFs can be very powerful, but are labelled “boring”. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s the most under-rated asset class. Tracking “sector rotation” and using ETF Options results in “Low risk High reward” investing opportunities.

  • Real World Examples

    Similar to ALL MAX systems, there are Live trades that analyze, strategize, and execute the plan, supported by a highly analytical and reliable methodology. This type of analytical approach produces excellent longer term trades.

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The OptionTiger Trader Community Says..

Good examples

Hari provides a very clear explanation for someone with some prior experience with options. What is especially useful is how he walks through 'day by day' how real world market action impacts his straddle trade. His explanation of the adjustment(s) and how this trade plays out is very clear. Thank you for this short course.

- Michael

Excellent explanation

You can tell when someone knows his subject because the incomprehensible becomes understandable. I liked this because I could immediately see why my few previous attempts at investing with straddles and strangles had proven ineffective. Many teachers give the theory but seeing it in action on real trades has much more impact.

- Ronald
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