IncomeMax Spreads: Advanced income techniques that can be turned around once a week, using both Debit and Credit Spreads supported by deep dive analysis of the success factors.

The IncomeMAX Spreads approach is an effective method to improve the performance of Vertical Spreads. These approaches can be used and re-used in any type of trade.

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What's Inside IncomeMAX Spreads

  • The Tools

    Debit and Credit Spreads are the “Bedrock foundation blocks” in the Options world. Simply taking the Base Case approaches is not enough. We need the EDGE in our favor.

  • The Knowledge

    The proliferation of Weekly Options is only about 4 years. The body of analysis on Weeklies, not surprisingly, is small. IncomeMAX Spreads makes a sound contribution.

  • Real World Examples

    The IncomeMAX Spreads system features Live trades, and these examples are complemented by systematic approaches to Adjustments, and Risk Management 

The IncomeMAX Webinar - Product features


 OptionTiger proprietary methods for Debit and Credit Spreads


The IncomeMAX SPREADS combine elements for income generation and risk management.

Learn Approaches for Spreads, a key Foundation Block for advanced Options strategies.

Trade management intensity is medium, with about 1 to 3 adjustments a week.

Risk management includes a basic level of in-built hedges for protection.

Ability to create 2 to 4 income legs every month, or about 1 a week, most likely 2 to 3 a month.

The concepts used here can be applied very broadly to any kind of Options position, especially with Adjustments.

Our Goal here is to further the "EDGE" on the Trader's side by using this advanced strategy.

All OptionTiger's MAX products are designed to enhance the "core" strategy. The Core favors market makers.

What Our Trader Community Says

Very complete course in which the insturctor makes a nice and clear comparison and analysis of the Bear Call versus the Bull Put. It is explained as well how to choose the expiration date and the ideal strike price. For each type of spread the instructor gives complete examples with in-depth considerations to each of the Greeks, choose of the entry point, strike prices, and volatility. The course brings a series of adjustments that helped me to understand how to manage these spreads at any case, In your direction or against your direction. I do recommend this excellent course.

Thank you Hari, well done.

- Abraham

Just when you thought there was a topic regarding options that seems to be going to get more complex, more intimidating, and more challenging to comprehend, Hari offers a course to break it all down and allow you to consume the knowledge in piece-meal, reasonable manner so that you would 'get it'. Combining knowlegde learned from previous courses, one can learn how to use these particular options to generate income. Hari did an excellent job as the lectures were presented in an easily compmrehensible format and tries to keep the concepts accessible to a beginner's level of understanding. Using the trading platform to show up it is done in a trading situation also adds to the learning experience instead of just talking about theory.

- Vic

Hari does a great job with this course. I came to it already knowing a fair bit about options. But because i want to use the course as the basis for continuing with Hari's higher level option courses, I decided to take it. I was surprised to discover just how much i did not know. I was also surprised to discover just how much easier it is to learn the relevant concepts via video lessons than by reading a book, something i've tried to do in the past with little success. Or maybe it's just Hari's teaching style that makes it so easy, and enjoyable. Regardless, I heartily recommend the course.

- Dr E. Wells
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