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This three course bundle is exactly what anyone looking to seriously trade options should get. Hari Swaminathan manages to provide one of the best all-around set of explanations and training on options you can find. His superb communication skills and mastery of the subject take the willful pupil to a level of comprehension in a very short time. You get to appreciate the wonderful potential of trading options while growing an affinity to this trading vehicle.

Hari Swaminathan is no make believe artist. He trades daily and has been for years. Anyone who's following Hari definitely becomes a fan. He has a amazing track record and makes you profit from his skills. His generosity is also exemplary. He answers questions with a rarely seen promptitude and has an extraordinary patience.


- Daniel

Fantastic course!

Had does a great job with this course. I came to it already knowing a fair bit about options. But because I want to use the course as the basis for continuing with Hari's higher level option courses, I decided to take it. I was surprised to discover just how much I did not know. I was also surprised to discover just how much easier it is to learn the relevant concepts via video lessons than by reading a book, something I've tried to do in the past with little success. Or maybe its just Hans teaching style that makes it so easy, and enjoyable. Regardless, I heartily recommend the course.


- Dr Ew

Let me start by saying that your training videos are phenomenal!!! The smart money presentation was so good that even my wife (she is electrical engineer who specialized in pattern recognition and algorithm development) enjoy it.

I am planning to expand my education and buying more Courses from you site, taking the courses I realized that at this point I am an option gambler and not really an investor or trader - hopefully with your web site 171 get there soon.

Please keep me on your mailing lists. I will enter another order for another 10 courses this time on Friday morning.


- Nir

Very well done sumarization of Options Trading foundations
Simple explanation not only of a Buyer profile but also of a Seller.

First acquaintance of The Greeks and nice "light bulb" of why I have lost money on some of my previous experiments - Vega was the culprit.

You will get very good explanation of all four major Greeks with examples and also first single option trades with examples on TOS platform.

I want to also mention that Hari has very good pronunciation and uses simple and well understandable English which was a big advantage for non-native speakers!


- Pavel

Dear Hari,

I love your courses. I would like to not only purchase all of them but be part of the community of OptionTiger. I would like to kindly ask if it could please give me a prescribed sequence in which to view the videos. I would greatly appreciate it. My very best,


- Philippe

Options Trading Basics (3-Course Bundle). Excellent

I absolutely loved this course. After struggling for many years to learn and understand basic option concepts Hari Swaminathan was able to present it all in an easily understandable, organized, practical and concise way.

After finishing this course, as well as a few of Mr Swaminathan's other courses (free at optiontiger) it is clearly evident to me that Mr. Swaminathan takes great pride in what he does, enjoys option trading and teaching with a passion and is an excellent, well-organized teacher, communicator and trader.

This course, like all the ones I've taken from him, are head and shoulders (pardon the trading pun lop above the others I've heard and seen online. Do not hesitate to invest in this, It's a top notch course from an excellent instructor.


- Rick

The instructor teaches complex investment concepts through well organized, interesting, and relevant lectures. He isolates the most important points to understand the benefits and risks of each investment instrument. Of particular interest is his discussion on the the flow of money related to global markets and how supply and demand causes money to shift within these markets and countries. His online demonstrations, with real investment tools makes lesson concepts immediately understandable. If you want to build a solid understanding of the investment market, its opportunities and risks, taught in a clear and relevant manner, sign up for this course today!


- Ken