Bull Call Spread surgery

Bull Call Spread surgery


You may know of a Bull Call spread already, and perhaps have put many a Bull call. But there are certain subtleties which can maximize the profit of your spread, and also provide a quicker return on your trade.


In this video, we look at the subtleties of a Bull Call spread.


In particular, we analyze


– Selection of strike prices for the Bull Call spread

– Analysis of extrinsic values

– Profit and Loss considerations given a certain move

– Comparison between an In-the-money (ITM) and an Out-of-the-money Bull Call spread

– Exit considerations for both cases

– Time decay considerations

– Maximizing the profit potential in the quickest time…




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  • Scott Mikros

    Reply Reply March 17, 2013

    …does this writing also consider ratio Bull Call Spreads ?

    • Hari Swaminathan

      Reply Reply March 18, 2013

      Scott, no this does not consider Ratio spreads. Ratio spreads take on a different dynamic in general. In this case, I was only addressing Bull call spreads

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