New Courses – Futures, Hedging, Short Straddles

Hari Swaminathan Udemy courses

Udemy courses on Straddles, Futures, Hedging Lots of exciting developments to report, after a period of lull, especially in the area of creating more Value courses. And this time, the repertoire includes a few different asset classes, although Options are a part of the mix. There are a few Advanced techniques included in this batch…

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Sell in May…And Go Away… ? No Way

Learn to trade Options with the best - Hari Swaminathan from

This Time is Different Global Geopolitical posturing not unlike a Chess match (except that the pieces being moved into place are aircraft carriers (and their pawns)), Threats of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Tests, Espionage and Hacking allegations du jour, Mother of all Bombs dropped with no fanfare and with so much talk of “The Wall”, even Pink…

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VIX Index Analysis Revealing Its Fatal Flaws

The VIX cannot be trusted

Why the VIX Index may be Flawed (Street View) In my last post, Financial Markets Outlook for 2017, I covered this topic, but only in broad terms. In this post, I’m making my Case, with a deep dive into the VIX Index and Risk Analysis, in order to “convince” you why the VIX cannot be trusted anymore and you need…

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How to trade Volatile Markets

Volatile Market

How to trade Volatile Markets Writing a post after a while, and coming into a crazy time. Markets are in a turmoil for sure. The VIX is at 40, and even touched a high of 52 this morning.   The crisis has developed in China, and there’s very little the US or the Feds or…

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How to play Workday after Earnings

Trading Options, Stock Trading, WDAY Earnings

How to play Workday after Earnings   Workday (WDAY) reported earnings last night. WDAY is a fast growing cloud-based application provider, and its results beat the consensus estimates on revenues and EPS.   However, the stock seems to be down 8% due to some unknown reason, maybe something was said was on the conference call.…

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SPX and SPXPM Options

SPX and SPXPM Open Interest

What are SPXPM Options You may have heard of SPX and SPXPM options. They are both Options on the S&P 500 Index. The SPX is the regular version, and the SPXPM options is a variant that expires at the close of business after Friday. Whereas the SPX Options close at the opening print on Friday. You…

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Options Trading software platforms

Options Trading software platforms

Options Trading software platforms   One of the most common questions that traders around the world have is about Options trading software and platforms.   Which platform is good ? What are the pros and cons of each ?   And which platforms (brokers) accept customers from which countries ?   When it comes to…

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Trading the SPX Index

Trading Options

Trading the SPX Index If you like trading the SPX Index, then you know there are many ways to do it. But there are ways you could be trading the SPX Index with leverage which you may not be aware of. –  The first is trading the SPX Index options itself. There is no leverage here. The SPX…

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Are Stock Buybacks a good sign

Stock buybacks

Stock Buybacks – Good or Bad Over the last few years, we’ve heard a lot about stock buybacks, and in fact, stock buybacks are at historically high levels. Many US companies, holding large amounts of cash are putting it to use by buying back their own stock. But what exactly does Stock buybacks tell us, and are they…

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Stocks versus Options costs

Comparing Stocks versus Options Many traders and investors may not fully understand the capital benefits when you compare Stocks versus Options. If you’re new to Options, one of the first features you should understand is that Options can be very cost-effective to implement your outlook for a stock. In this example, let’s look at a…

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