How to play Workday after Earnings

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How to play Workday after Earnings   Workday (WDAY) reported earnings last night. WDAY is a fast growing cloud-based application provider, and its results beat the consensus estimates on revenues and EPS.   However, the stock seems to be down 8% due to some unknown reason, maybe something was said was on the conference call.…

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Explosive profits on Priceline Short Strangle (PCLN) trade in 2 days

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The Short Strangle is generally a trade that’s considered risky because it has unlimited Loss profiles on both the Call and Put sides. But in this case, with a buffer zone as wide as the Panama Canal, it made sense to put the Short Strangle on Priceline, especially because of a very special Implied Volatility arbitrage that had opened up in the days before it released earnings.

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