OptionTiger Facebook Group is now Live!

OptionTiger facebook group

Facebook Options Traders Group We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook Group, dedicated to Options enthusiasts, general Market participants and anyone that wants to harness the power of collective and interactive learning. Wait a Second… How is this Facebook group any different from the gazillion Forums, Chat groups or other such communities,…

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New Courses – Futures, Hedging, Short Straddles

Hari Swaminathan Udemy courses

Udemy courses on Straddles, Futures, Hedging Lots of exciting developments to report, after a period of lull, especially in the area of creating more Value courses. And this time, the repertoire includes a few different asset classes, although Options are a part of the mix. There are a few Advanced techniques included in this batch…

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Sell in May…And Go Away… ? No Way

Learn to trade Options with the best - Hari Swaminathan from OptionTiger.com

This Time is Different Global Geopolitical posturing not unlike a Chess match (except that the pieces being moved into place are aircraft carriers (and their pawns)), Threats of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Tests, Espionage and Hacking allegations du jour, Mother of all Bombs dropped with no fanfare and with so much talk of “The Wall”, even Pink…

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SPX Market Update on April 10, 2017


  The SPX Index has clearly been in a sideways price action for a couple of weeks. After hitting a high of 2401 (ES Futures), it was bound to get some knocks, being that 2400 is a nice big round number, and many viewed it as over extended quite a bit. However, big Round numbers…

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Why You Should Stop Trading Bull Call Spreads

Understanding what we mean by an “Edge” in an Options trade. Building an “Edge” into every Options trade is our specialty at OptionTiger. Winning in the Options market is difficult, and approaching the market with this mindset maximizes the chances to perform consistently.   Let’s take the example of a Bull Call spread. It’s a great…

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VIX Index Analysis Revealing Its Fatal Flaws

The VIX cannot be trusted

Why the VIX Index may be Flawed (Street View) In my last post, Financial Markets Outlook for 2017, I covered this topic, but only in broad terms. In this post, I’m making my Case, with a deep dive into the VIX Index and Risk Analysis, in order to “convince” you why the VIX cannot be trusted anymore and you need…

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How to turn 50K into 73K in 9 days with Options trading

High performance Options trading

The secrets to High performance Options trading   What is the important factor for success in trading the markets ??? Its CONSISTENCY…CONSISTENCY…CONSISTENCY… You have to control your risks. This is priority #1. You have to be patient and wait for the right opportunities You need a set of reliable technical analysis tools to help you…

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Live Webinar on Proprietary Options strategies

Options strategies

Live Webinar Proprietary Options strategies   OptionTiger is presenting a Live Webinar on Using proprietary Options strategies to significantly boost your Options trading performanceWebinar on Debit and Credit Spreads, Straddles and Strangles, Iron Condors, Weekly Options, Options adjustments and more…If you trade Options, you don’t want to miss this Webinar. The key in Options trading is to…

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DayTrading strategies – Live Webinar Sunday night

Options strategies

DayTrading strategies Webinar   I’m hosting a Live Webinar tonight at 8 pm ET.  On Explosive Day Trading (Intraday trading) Strategies. Topics include –  – What makes a good day trading system – Who is this ideal for – Why a trading plan is critical with short term trading – How the DayTradeMAX system is created…

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Blockbuster NFLX Earnings Trade

Learn Options trading with OptonTiger.com

Blockbuster NFLX Earnings Trade   Netflix (NFLX) reported blockbuster results last night. Topline revenues increased, and almost 5 million global subscribers were added last quarter. It fell a bit short on the EPS number, due to foreign exchange hit from overseas revenues due to the strong dollar. Nevertheless this is a massive report.   In…

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