VIX Index Analysis Revealing Its Fatal Flaws

The VIX cannot be trusted

Why the VIX Index may be Flawed (Street View) In my last post, Financial Markets Outlook for 2017, I covered this topic, but only in broad terms. In this post, I’m making my Case, with a deep dive into the VIX Index and Risk Analysis, in order to “convince” you why the VIX cannot be trusted anymore and you need…

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Put Call Parity

Trading Volatility

In the Options world, there is a strict relationship between the prices of Puts and Calls. This relationship is called Put Call parity.

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Put Options explained – Ultimate stock protector

Options Basics

Now that the market has hit 4 year highs, and many high flying stocks are also at similar levels, it may be a good time to protect your profits. Put Options are the ultimate protector for stocks you own – so let’s dig into the nuts and bolts of how Put Options work.

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