Volume analysis can be powerful

Learn to trade Options with Hari Swaminathan from OptionTiger.com

Volume analysis is very under-rated Volume analysis is often an under-rated indicator. If Volume is normal, it really doesn’t say much. But when you see something out of the ordinary, like very high on a given day, you must conclude that Smart Money is active. And the trick is to judge whether that high Volume was…

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Importance of Technical analysis in your trading

Options Trading Strategies

Importance of Technical analysis You’ve probably wondered about the importance of Technical analysis and Volume analysis, and how much emphasis you should give to such tools when you decide your trading strategies. There are people who swear by Technical analysis – they’ll take the trade only if a certain pattern is playing out. And there…

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Free Courses on Stocks, Options and Technical analysis

Intraday Trading

The list of Free courses have been updated on the Free Training page. The courses are mostly on various Stock and Options concepts as well as Technical analysis concepts. They are conveniently divided in Beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels.

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Putting Chart reading skills to the S&P 500

Volume Analysis

When it comes to chart reading skills and Technical analysis skills, its best to keep things simple. And always include Volume analysis in your study. The S&P 500 is at an interesting point on Sept 18. After last week’s announcement of QE-ternity, markets have hit a 4-year high. Fundamental analysis tells us the market is overbought at this point.

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