Something Different

A slight departure from the regular stuff we write about – not that there’s nothing interesting to write about in the world of markets, in fact there’s a lot going on. But as we try to launch, I’ve personally been bogged down with all the details that go into making a great site up and running as well as dealing with all the online marketing challenges, social media, SEO, and a gazillion other things (literally !). Its overwhelming, to say the least, but exciting nonetheless.

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Whales in London ???

Didn’t realize that the Thames in London could hold whales – but apparently it does (really! see photo :). Jokes apart, the big news in the financial world came last Thursday when J.P. Morgan boss Jamie Dimon announced that his firm has lost $2 Billion due to a rogue trader in their London offices simply known as the “London Whale”. Apparently, the loss was incurred when the Whale put on a trade to hedge JPM’s credit risk. Now the hedge has gone awry, and the worst part is the story is not over yet. JPM is unable to get out of this trade now, as there are no counterparties to take the other side to close out this trade. Everyone knows this is toxic crap, and nobody wants to touch it with a bargepole. JPM expects further losses in the coming quarter from this trade. And as usual, nobody knows exactly what this trade is – because these derivatives are unregulated in an opaque market. Unless you’re on the other side of this trade, there is no way to know what the Whale did. Boy, do these guys give derivatives a bad name…

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Welcome to !!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our blog at ! We’re living in interesting as well as uncertain times. The global macroeconomic theme plays a key role in what we do here at optiontiger, so it’s a fitting coincidence that we’re starting off with that theme. There is a lot going on in the world right now. As we write this,

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