Sample DayTradeMAX trade

Sample DayTradeMAX trade


The powerful DayTradeMAX is designed to produce explosive returns on the same day. The basis of these trades are laser targeted entry signals that are a result of highly customized indicators that have the ability to generate very high-probability trades. The system can be applied to Daytrading Stocks, Futures and Options. The complete DayTradeMAX set of videos are available below.


Most trades last for a couple of hours with the ability to produce massive returns of between 20% to 100% or more. Sometimes these trades are kept overnight in strongly trending situations (but with hedging for overnight exposure). Here is a sample trade on Priceline (PCLN) done a couple of days back that produced a 40% return in about an hour. Sign up below and receive a FREE WEEK of DayTradeMAX alerts.


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Free Week alerts and Webinar

Find the highest probability trade entries on a daily basis


Laser targeted entry for a 20% to 100% in a few hours


High-probability signals for an 80% EDGE on every trade


Customized indicators to give the most powerful SIGNALS


Low-risk, and very HIGH REWARD on every trade


Comes with complete trade entry and trade management techniques

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More about DayTradeMAX

Watch this playlist to know more about DayTradeMAX



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