Explosive profits on Priceline Short Strangle (PCLN) trade in 2 days

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The Priceline Short Strangle trade


The Short Strangle is generally a trade that’s considered risky because it has unlimited Loss profiles on both the Call and Put sides. But in this case, with a buffer zone as wide as the Panama Canal, it made sense to put the Short Strangle on Priceline, especially because of a very special Implied Volatility arbitrage that had opened up in the days before it released earnings.


This kind of an arbitrage opportunity does happen more often than you think. Not always, but it does happen on certain stocks. There’s no reason why the Option series that is not impacted by the Earnings report should experience elevated levels of Implied Volatility. But it does, and you have to move in for the kill.

As explained in Wednesday’s video, the Priceline (PCLN) Volatility arbitrage was simply too juicy to ignore.
Here’s Wednesday’s video in case you missed it..

Today, PCLN has opened about 20 points to the upside.
The trade has a profit of 12K in 2 days.
The expected move was about 45 to 50, and we got 20.
Even if the move lived up to its expectations, this trade would have been a winner. There was just to much juice in the Monthly series, and for no good reason.
This kind of collateral effects can be observed on many stocks, not all the time, but many a time. And when it does appear, it’s time to move in for the kill.
I hope many people took advantage of this Trade idea…

Video of the spectacular results..


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