SwingTradeMAX product launched

SwingTradeMAX launched on March 15


OptionTiger has released its latest product – SwingTradeMAX. As the name suggests, SwingTradeMAX is a powerful signal-based trading system that can give traders the ultimate “swing” trading signals. Trades last from 3 days to 3 weeks, and have the ability to produce powerful returns of 20% to 80%. The system comes complete with detailed discussions on risk management, and how to manage trades that go against us.


The greatest feature of the SwingTradeMAX system is its ability to stay in a winning trade right up to the point the move is over. This means you can maximize the profit potential of every winning trade. You can pretty much “milk every trade to the last drop”.


Intro Videos

Watch these two videos to get a much better idea of SwingTradeMAX. Also register for a FREE Webinar on Sundays at 8 pm to know more.



In this video, you’ll get a good idea of where signals are generated, and how you can maximize profits



SwingTradeMAX Features

– Highly customized indicators for best signals

– Ability to make 20% to 80% or more on a trade

– Maximize profits on the winners

– Ideal for busy working professionals

– Ideal for traders in other countries

– Commonly used indicators available in all charting platforms

– Ideal for part-time traders

– Much much more. Register for live Webinar




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