Webinar on the OptionEDGE strategy

Learn Options trading from Hari Swaminathan from OptionTiger

Webinar on the OptionEDGE strategy



  • Track record of 5% – 10% return regardless of market direction
  • Helps you make big profits from big swings, and not be scared of them !
  • Keeps you at peace knowing your trade is 100% Flash Crash Proof !
  • In fact, it actually lets you benefit from a Flash Crash !
  • Profit whether the market sentiment is bullish, bearish or sideways !
  • Profit at all volatility levels, regardless of whether VIX is at 15 or 50 !
  • Exploit Time Decay, Volatility,and explosive moves (How cool is that !)
  • Eliminates negatives of Credit spreads, Iron condors, Straddles or Strangles
  • Trade in a relaxed manner, without the need for constant monitoring !
  • Avoids big paper losses you face with credit spreads and iron condors !
  • Repeat the trade over and over, month after month, without interruptions !
  • Make great profits even if you trade part-time, with a full-time job !
  • Avoids large drawdowns on capital, not even paper losses !
  • Works for all accounts – small and large account sizes !
  • This may be the only strategy you’ll ever trade, ever !

Join us Tuesday July 2, 10:30 am ET




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