What is Apple really worth ? Infographics showing Apple Valuation

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A set of very interesting infographics on Apple (AAPL) that shows what Apple is really worth, and what the Apple Valuation can buy.


Some interesting acquisition possibilities –





1) 364 New York Yankees OR 343 Dallas Cowboys OR 257 Manchester United teams (MANU). By the way MANU stock is faring, I’d go for the other two options.


2) 389,000 Bugatti Veyrons (Each of these brutes costs $2M)


3) 2.4 Microsofts (MSFT) or 3.1 Googles (Very interesting)


4) 374 million ounces of Gold (Who wouldn’t go this – GLD)


and many more…fascinating !!



Apple (AAPL)’s amazing numbers.. www.optiontiger.com/blog


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