VIX Index Analysis Revealing Its Fatal Flaws

Why the VIX Index may be Flawed (Street View) In my last post, Financial Markets Outlook for 2017, I covered this topic, but only in broad terms. In this post, I’m making my Case, with a deep dive into the VIX Index and Risk Analysis, in order to “convince” you why the VIX cannot be trusted anymore and you need […]

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Understanding the VIX – Free Course

  Free Vix Course – Understanding the VIX, aka Fear Index As a member of the OptionTiger community, I’d like to offer you the VIX mini-course for FREE.  Its a 1-hour long course and explains the impact of VIX levels on Option Prices, and rapidly changing sets of Trade strategies, for these conditions. Critically, what happens during a Crisis to Option […]

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What are the Option Greeks

If you’re somewhat new to Options, you must have heard about the Option Greeks. In fact, a common rookie mistake with Options traders is that they ignore the importance of the Option Greeks (Truth be told, I’m guilty – I ignored them for almost 6 months). This is easily one of the biggest mistakes a newbie Options trader can do. Let me give you a simple analogy, and perhaps the importance of Option Greeks may hit home.

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Trading AAPL Earnings today

Apple ($AAPL) releases quarterly earnings after the closing bell today. Most traders intent on trading $AAPL earnings rush to the Option series closest to the earnings event because the “uncertainty” around the earnings event marks up the premium of these Options. It is tempting to sell premium in this series because Implied Volatility is so high, and premiums are juicy.

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