SPX and SPXPM Options

What are SPXPM Options You may have heard of SPX and SPXPM options. They are both Options on the S&P 500 Index. The SPX is the regular version, and the SPXPM options is a variant that expires at the close of business after Friday. Whereas the SPX Options close at the opening print on Friday. You […]

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What are the Option Greeks

Option Greeks explained If you’re somewhat new to Options, you must have heard about the Option Greeks. In fact, a common rookie mistake with Options traders is that they ignore the Greeks. In this post, hopefully, I can convey the importance of Option Greeks explained in simple terms. This is easily one of the biggest mistakes a newbie […]

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Webinar on SwingTradeMAX

Here is the Webinar recording on the powerful SwingTradeMAX system. The SwingTradeMAX system is a signal-based high probability trading system that takes advantages of normal stock cycles. Trades generally last for 3 days to 3 or 4 weeks, but the returns possible are very substantial, at 20% to 80% on any given trade.

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Power of Volume analysis

Volume analysis is often an under-rated indicator. If Volume is normal, it really doesn’t say much. But when you see something out of the ordinary, like very high on a given day, you must conclude that Smart Money is active. And the trick is to judge whether that high Volume was buying or selling volume.

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The On Balance Volume Indicator (OBV)

The indicator is the On Balance Volume (OBV). To explain it simply, it tries to measure if money is coming into a stock or going out. It adds the current day’s volume to the a running cumulative total if the day was up (which means there was more buying activity). And it subtracts a day’s volume from the running total if it was a down day. By doing this, it adds a layer of analysis that combines price and volume in one indicator.

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