The Finance and Macroeconomics Module is ideal for newcomers to Financial Markets.

Introduction to Bond Markets and Fixed Income

Bond Markets are extremely important for everyone to understand even if you don't trade them, as they directly impact day to day parameters like Interest Rates, Inflation and impact of money printing. Bond markets also compete with Stock markets for investment capital, and you'll see that they trade in opposite directions for the most part, but sometimes these correlations break down.

Course Details

Bond Market Details

The structure of a Bond, Coupon Rate , Yield to Maturity and other Bond Market specific terms are described in the course

Risk Hierarchy in Bonds

There are several types of Bonds, with the US Treasury bonds considered the safest investment asset in the world. All other bonds are priced based on Treasurys

Bonds and Interest Rates

Bond Markets set interest rates for all types of borrowing for commercial and retail customers. Interest rates change and this has big impact on Bonds and the larger economy

Bonds and Inflation

Although Bonds and Inflation are not directly related, Inflation is affected by Interest Rates. These relationships are explained


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