The Finance and Macroeconomics Module is ideal for newcomers to Financial Markets.

Introduction to Commodities Trading Gold, Silver and Oil

There are several types of Commodities – Precious metals, Industrial metals, Agricultural commodities as well as Oil and others. The Agricultural Commodities are generally esoteric, but Gold and Oil are popular. Commodities are also traded around the world in the US Dollar, so the price of commodities is dependent on the price of the US Dollar. Commodities also fluctuate in prices based on Supply and Demand.

Course Details

Various Commodities

All the different types of commodities that are traded in the financial markets are discussed and explained, along with their specific characteristics

Discussion of Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver trading is very popular around the world. Gold can act like a safe haven during times of financial crisis in global markets

Trading in Oil

Oil is the ultimate geopolitical commodity in the world, and fluctuations in prices can have a very large impact on the global economy. 

Agri commodities

While Agri commodities can be an esoteric investment asset, Corn, Soy Bean and even Cattle and produce like Orange juice are traded actively in financial markets


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