The Finance and Macroeconomics Module is ideal for newcomers to Financial Markets.

Introduction to Forex Trading and Currencies

Forex or Foreign Exchange markets are complex, and are the largest in the world, with an average of $5Trillion worth of currencies being traded every single day around the world. Forex markets can be traded by several methods. Some of them are the Spot Forex market, Currency Futures, and Currency ETFs. There are also Options on Currency ETFs

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Discussion of Forex markets

Foreign Exchange markets are complex and the prices of currencies can fluctuate big. Currencies go up or down based upon several factors

High Leverage

Spot Forex trading can use a Leverage of 50:1, which is very high. Therefore, a small change in the currency values can have large impact on positions

Live Trading

Sample trades are shown using Spot Forex trading on a trading platform as well as trading the Euro Futures and ETFs on British pound 

Factors affecting Forex rates

Discussion of what drives Forex rates and what factors make a currency go up or down against another currency. Currencies are traded in pairs


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