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Options have a learning curve. The theory and foundation is critical. Every Pro started here

Option Greek Theta

Theta is the Option seller's dream. Theta is the time decay for every Option represented by a daily loss number. You can create any number of exotic strategies with Theta. Theta makes Options come to life. This is by far the most exciting greek, as well as the Greek that a majority of sophisticated Options strategies are based upon. Time Decay is the equalizer between an Option buyer and seller

Course Details

 Time Decay in Options

Time Decay is a dynamic characteristic of Options, and is a pivotal consideration for any Options strategy. It is explained first using the theoretical examples

Buyer and Seller Perspectives

Time Decay works very differently for Buyers and Sellers of Options. Time Decay is an Option Seller's friend, and it is an Option Buyer's enemy

Live demonstration of Time Decay

The course shows exactly how Time decay works using the Trading platform and using a few different expiry series for the same strike prices

Time Decay and Moneyness

Time Decay happens only on the Extrinsic value of an Option, and not Intrinsic value. Therefore, it works differently for ITM, ATM and OTM Options


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