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Options on Futures

Futures can play an important role in an Options investment context, because they can be great hedging instruments to an existing portfolio. This course introduces a new type of instrument – Options on Futures. An Option on a Future means that the underlying asset is the Future itself. This is bound to sound complicated, but its explained in detail. In general, unless you're a Futures trader, you would not trade these instruments. However, what both these products offer is a 24-hour trading window. Therefore, if you had a normal portfolio comprised of Stocks and Options, and were concerned of some crisis brewing in overnight markets, its possible to hedge your portfolio in the middle of the night. This course shows how to do this using both these instruments.

Course Details

How Options on Futures are different from Options

Options on Futures as a Hedging technique

 Can protect moves when markets are closed

Size differences of ES Futures and SPX Options


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