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Growing market uncertainty does not leave any trader to make the call without considering the market cues and gathering relevant information. This Day trading course is a combination of methodology, algorithm, and proprietary signals. Please watch these videos in this Playlist. A proprietary algorithm takes into consideration different Technical Indicator types and outputs the best candidates for this day trading course on a real-time basis. Success in day trading is mostly about the accuracy of the Entry signals, and this algorithm makes it simple for traders to get very high probability trade ideas.

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Live Trades – Jan 7, 2019 NFLX

The following Videos are Live trades of the Day Trading courses and Signals service that began on Monday Jan 7, 2019. The algorithm behind the Signals are discussed, and trades are executed based on the signals, as well as the trade sentiment for the day. This day trading course uses Signals to take trades on Calls and Puts in a Live trading room with a target goal of 15% to 50% ROI. The video playlist contains several examples of the signals demonstration as well as Live trade examples. This video contains trades for Week 1 – NFLX, BA and GOOGL. There are other Day trading courses available on OptionTiger like DayTradeMAX which can be complementary to this Day Trading course / service. 

Video for Jan 9, 2019 Boeing

Video for Jan 10, 2019 GOOGL

Video for Jan 11, AMZN GOOGL

Video with a Service Update

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