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The VIX or Fear Index

The VIX is one of the  most watched indicators in the markets, even by professionals. We take a look  at what this index is, Understanding VIX method of computation, and how this Index is  interpreted on a day-to-day basis in practical terms. We look at overall market  correlations with the VIX since the index was created in the 1990's. The VIX  may be called a Volatility Index, but it acts more like a Fear index in the  markets. The key lies in understanding the relationship of the VIX index to the  S&P 500 Options. 

A high or low levels  of VIX impacts all S&P 500 Options as well as individual stocks. This  course looks at the example of the financial crisis of 2008 in detail when the  VIX levels spiked to unprecedented levels, and the impact it had on Options  prices. Every Options trader must watch the VIX index.

Course Details

Why the VIX is a FEAR Index

High VIX values and Option prices

How is the VIX calculated

The relationship between the VIX and VIX Futures


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