Introduction to Call Options

Welcome to the world of Options. The Call Option is the most basic of Options, and therefore the best to study first. Buying a Call Option is just like buying a stock – you expect the price to go up, and sell it for a profit. But what exactly is an Option, and how is it different from a stock. Most newcomers to Options have difficulty in understanding Options because training material jumps right into Options jargon. Not here. This course uses a real-world example in real estate to explain how a Call Option can be constructed for a situation. We also introduce what an At-The-Money, Out-of-the-Money and In-The-Money Option is, using our real estate example.

Course Details

No Jargon Options Fundamentals

Why are Options called “Options” and why do they trade in many dimensions. What is a derivative, an underlying asset and an Option.

Option Pricing factors

Strike price, Time to expiry, and Moneyness of an Option in simple terms. At-the-money (ATM), Out-of-the-Money(OTM) and In-the-Money (ITM) Options

What are Options

Great Real estate example to understand a Call Option. What are the different elements of a Call Option

Options Risk and Reward

Sharing of risk and reward between buyer and seller of Options. Profit and Loss profile of a Call Option buyer and Seller.

Live Trading

Rights and Obligations for buyers and sellers. What parameters impact a Call Option price

For Newcomers

Explained in simple layman terms, newcomers will have no difficulty understanding what Options are in theory and in practice.


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