TraderMAX Live: Join Hari for 4 weeks of intense Live Trading and Options Mentoring. Mastering "SOFT" skills is crucial. TraderMAX Live speeds up the "Options learning curve" by a year or more

Options education is the foundation. Without it, we can't  accomplish much. Next, to become a good trader, you must master Adjustments with "deep dive" analysisBut the biggest factor that impacts success or failure is the "Human Factor". Learn self-control in bad situations, hone analysis and decision skills, pull right triggers, and not let Fear or Greed dictate mattersEducation is  "hard skills" the base. But "Soft Skills" then take over. The "Human Factor" is 100% "soft", as is Deep dive analysis / Adjustments. These dominate performance, and is what TraderMAX Live is all about

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What's exactly is TraderMAX all about


  • The Tools

    Like Chess, two traders can start with the same positions, yet go opposite ways. Options are the same, a game of strategy, math, knowledge, but it’s not sufficient. In Live Markets, Market Makers have an “EDGE”. We build  robust TOOLKITS to get this EDGE back on our side

  • The Knowledge

    Most Options traders take a long time to master the “soft skills”. TraderMAX focuses on soft skills only.  The 4-week mentoring program teaches every trader to manage good and bad situations with no panic, or get run over by fear and greed.

  • Real World Examples

    TraderMAX is REAL-TIME trading ONLY. This 4-week class is the Ultimate mentorship program. Trades may get into trouble from the start. For 4 weeks, we’re busy climbing out of “BLACK HOLES”

Webinar Showcasing The Power Of TraderMAX Live

 OptionTiger proprietary methods used in TraderMAX Live


TraderMAX Live is what you get when the "rubber meets the road". A calm and collected approach to trading complex Options

 This is a Practical application of all the weapons we've collected over all the previous courses and products

Trade management intensity is High, because 4 weeks is the longest duration of the trade

Craft an optimal trade plan. Next moves with contingency plans. Adjust with skill based on outlook. Protect from the start

 The last TraderMAX Live was held in April 2016. With 24 winning trades out of 25. But 9 trades looked like LOSERS

The concepts used here can be applied broadly to all Options positions, especially with tough Adjustments involved

Our Goal is to bring the "EDGE" on the Trader's side by using these Advanced Techniques (Weapons)

 The focus is on recovering from Trades gone bad to breakeven or small profit if possible. Closing Losers achieves Nothing

All OptionTiger's MAX products enhance "core" strategies. TraderMAX Live reduces the Options learning curve by a year

What Our Trader Community Says



Hari, I like your style of trading. I have been following your trades for the most part, with slight variations. I am now up 20% after following you on Apple.

For me personally, I'm already getting good value with your trades because I love your videos, your adjustment strategies etc. Even without following your trades and making a profit I would be getting my value - it's the learning part around it that is important.


Just when you thought there was a topic regarding options that seems to be going to get more complex, more intimidating, and more challenging to comprehend, Hari offers a course to break it all down and allow you to consume the knowledge in piece-meal, reasonable manner so that you would 'get it'. Combining knowlegde learned from previous courses, one can learn how to use these particular options to generate income. Hari did an excellent job as the lectures were presented in an easily compmrehensible format and tries to keep the concepts accessible to a beginner's level of understanding. Using the trading platform to show up it is done in a trading situation also adds to the learning experience instead of just talking about theory.


Hari does a great job with this course. I came to it already knowing a fair bit about options. But because i want to use the course as the basis for continuing with Hari's higher level option courses, I decided to take it. I was surprised to discover just how much i did not know. I was also surprised to discover just how much easier it is to learn the relevant concepts via video lessons than by reading a book, something i've tried to do in the past with little success. Or maybe it's just Hari's teaching style that makes it so easy, and enjoyable. Regardless, I heartily recommend the course.

Dr E. Wells
Buy TraderMAX for $1879 + 3 MAX Systems FREE ($4,000 Value)