Calendar MAX Strategy

Powerful EDGE can create a High Reward Risk ratio

CalendarMAX Strategy

Create a consistent shorter term income by taking maximum advantage of the unique features of Calendars and Diagonals

Calendars and Diagonals are some of the most under-rated strategies in the Options game. Structured properly, and when phased in at the right time can provide attractive Reward to Risk ratios of 3:1 or more. The key is to understand how such an “Edge” can be created and maintained

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What's inside CalendarMAX

The Tools

Create a superior EDGE with  Calendars and Diagonals, and take advantage of High Reward possibilities in a Low Volatility environment

The Knowledge

Calendars and Diagonals are the only Theta Positive and Vega Positive trades.This gives rise to unique opportunities when Volatility is low, as has been for years

Double the EDGE

Very often Calendars and Diagonals are adjusted to Double Calendars and Double Diagonals, which effectively could boost the EDGE on the trade by a factor of two


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OptionTiger proprietary methods for CalendarMAX

  • Master the art of creating a superior EDGE
  • Exploit the Positive Vega and Positive Theta characteristics
  • Create the environment for achieving a 3;1 or 4:1 Reward ratio
  • Maximize the opportunities from Time Decay in Calendars and Diagonals
  • Master the adjustment techniques for Calendars and Diagonals
  • Trade management intensity is Low. Will work for busy people
  • You may realise this is the most under-rated yet powerful strategy


Buy CalendarMAXOnly for $397

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