CondorMax Strategy: Every options trader loves Iron Condors, but many don't fully understand its downsides. CondorMAX is an innovative, elite approach for Iron condors to minimize risk.

There are a few serious risks with Iron Condors while its rewards are plentyful. Negative Gamma and Negative Vega overwhelms Theta, the Condor's primary profit avenue. The same applies to Credit spreads. CondorMAX neutralizes 80% of the negatives, while maintaining high support for the positives.

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What's inside CondorMAX

  • The Tools

    Iron Condors have twice the time decay and less risk than credit spreads, but develop a strong negative Gamma. You might win 4 out of 5 trades, only to lose your profits on the loser. CondorMAX will help protect your trades and maximize profitability.

  • The Knowledge

    The single biggest factor facing Iron Condor traders is CONSISTENCY. How can you consistently make winning trades with few losers? Our sophisticated techniques taught in this strategy will give you an edge on other traders and improve your winning rates.

  • Real World Examples

    In this product, Live trades are monitored and adjusted over 2 to 3 weeks, with video updates every market day. We use Live trades as a primary tool to showcase the elite techniques in this strategy.

Webinar Showcasing The Power Of CondorMAX

The Elite Features of CondorMAX

Iron Condors are everyone's FAVES. Double Credit, Double Time Decay, Non-directional, and Risk cut by half.

Tackles the most serious problem of Iron condors - the debilitating Negative Gamma

A spike in Volatility can add directional and negative Vega risk. The CondorMAX solution reducers this risk substantially

The problem with Iron Condors is one of CONSISTENCY. With CondorMAX, the consistency goes up considerably

Flash Crash proof design. You won't be scared of Flash crashesBIG moves. CondorMAX turns these into PLUS points

CondorMAX contains elite Trade Setup techniques at the start. Risk Control is built into the Trade design structure

 Tackles every Negative of an Iron Condor, which lets the Iron Condor positives shine

BONUS: Every technique in CondorMAX can be applied to Credit Spreads, Bear calls and Bull Puts. A "3 for 1" deal

What Our Trader Community Says



Can't wait to start the condormax trades.

Let me just say that I have been studying options for a while now, and I have never seen anybody approaching options the way you do.

Some of the tactics seem, so let, just say rationale and simply but so powerful. Really happy that I have purchased the course I think it will help me a lot going forward.

You really do provide a fabulous service for budding option traders, please keep up the great work.
Best wishes,

- Ivan

Hari — as best I can tell from the TDA transaction history, I netted $6868 on the trade closed yesterday. I did not participate in the earlier This is the net price after commissions, which amounted to $910.

Almost 7% on my account size of $100,000 devoted to HG trades.

I am happy with the results, but it was very hectic Tuesday and Wednesday. The timing was perfect.

- Larry
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