EarningsMax Key Opportunities 4 times a Year

Unique opportunities every quarter for every stock


All stocks report earnings every quarter. Use Options to take advantage of these events in unique and creative ways, capitalizing on the The Volatility explosion and the Volatility crush.

To successfully trade Earnings, a “deep dive” analysis is a MUST. The interplay between Time decay (Theta) and Volatility Explosion and Crush (Vega), is a spectacle to watch.

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What's inside EarningsMAX

The Tools

The interplay between Time decay and Implied Volatility (CRITICAL). Detailed analysis of past earnings events and the Earnings cycle. We take you through a serious “deep diving” analysis in this product.

The Knowledge

Understand the Volatility explosion and implosion cycles. All earnings trades are not the same. Design an Earnings trade appropriately for the stock’s sentiment and behavior. Watch Video Playlist above for more info.

Real World Examples

EarningsMAX has live trades placed before, during or after earnings. There are 6 high probability trade types, and demonstrated LIVE. The key here is matching a stock’s behavior with trade type.


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Deep analysis in EarningsMAX and Options behavior

  • CHANCE favors the PREPARED is the mantra of EarningsMAX.
  • Understand the Volatility explosion and implosion cycles analysis of past earnings and the earnings cycle.
  • Learn how to customize the trade to the stock (CRITICAL).
  • Perfect the trade entry timing (CRITICAL).
  • Trade management intensity is LOW until the earnings event.
  • The concepts used here can be applied very broadly to any kind of Options position, especially with Adjustments.
  • There are 6 trade types that collectively fit almost all stocks. Picking the right trade is key.
  • Learn why all earnings trades are NOT the same. Design every earnings trade for the stock and sentiment.
  • Understand the interplay between Time decay and Implied Volatility (CRITICAL).
  • Get ready for some serious deep dive analysis in EarningsMAX.


Buy EarningsMaxOnly for $397

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