SwingTradeMax : Identify trade opportunities that last 1 to 4 weeks using highly targeted signals, customized indicators and a sound trade management plan.

SwingTradeMAX is a chart based signaling system. The timeframe for swing trades is 1 to 4 weeks. However, the indicators used to generate the high probability signals are customized, and the trade mindset applies to anyone who may not have time to follow markets.

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What's inside SwingTradeMAX

  • The Tools

    Swing Trades last a few weeks, so we get the benefit of less noise in the charts, indicators and signals. The net result  is that we’re able to clearly identify both entry points and exit points.

  • The Knowledge

    The trade methodology and risk management techniques in SwingTradeMAX allows a trader to calmly analyze the situation and step in with no urgency due to the longer term nature of trades.

  • Real World Examples

    Several Live trades demonstrate the High Probability Swing Trading approaches uses customized indicators and signals, the Trade Plan, and the Trade Management approach.

The SwingTradeMAX Webinar - Product Features


 OptionTiger proprietary method for Swing Trading


 High probability swing trading using customized indicators and signals.

Can use SwingTradeMAX for Stocks and Options.

Clear entry and exit signals due to less "noise" in monthly charts.

Reliable signals deliver the EDGE with the best trade opportunities.

Loss mitigation and Profit protection techniques included.

Will work in any Options market world-wide.

Indicators available on all charting platform.

Trade management intensity - Low to Medium. Mostly 1 adjustment a week.

What Our Trader Community Says

Had a great week and took up annual subscription.

- Ramesh

Interesting week. The good news is I made a few grand on smallish trades, so its all paid for now. Once I feel like I have it down, I will add more risk, so its real money, I don't know if I have time to trade everyday, but I think the chat room is a pretty good forum for talking about ideas of this kind of stuff. I am inclined to join on the special that you have going. However, based on some of the chat conversations that we were having this week, I feel like I need to get a better handle on the actual technique that you are using here as you see it. I certainly didn't want to seem like I was just challenging things you were saying in the public chat, but I either didn't completely agree or didn't quite understand your perspective on a few points. For example, I understand the difference between swing and day trading. But that doesn't mean that one can't use info from a multi day chat to determine an intra day trade. I need to better understand how you are using the longer term charts for the day trades. I've watched the videos twice now.

So I'd like to sign up for the one year package, but I'd like to ask you to spend say 15-20 mins with me on the phone so that I can get the clarity I need to get on the same page as you. I think it would be very help to do that as an enhancement to the videos. Is that something we can do. Many thanks.

- Alan
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