WeeklyMax Strategy: Create a consistent weekly income by taking maximum advantage of the unique features weekly Options in a smart way.

Weekly Options have unique characteristics that's made them explosively popular. However, anyone who's traded Weekly Options will be keenly aware that with the enormous potential to make profits, comes a heavy responsibility to manage your positions skillfully.

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What's inside WeeklyMAX

  • The Tools

    This course is about enhancing your Options arsenal, adding lots of expertise and building a truly sophisticated set of techniques, while never taking your eyes off the risk of Weeklies.

  • The Knowledge

    The final 30 days to Option expiry give them a FRESH BOOST of life. In the final 2 weeks, they are on steroids. This is critical to grasp, as Weeklies are not going away anytime soon.

  • Real World Examples

    WeeklyMAX takes a deep dive into the world of Option Greeks, with live trades and adjustments for all strategies. Room for error is small and you must know where the risks lie.

WeeklyMAX detailed features Webinar below


 OptionTiger proprietary methods for Weekly Options



Understand all the risks and rewards of Weekly Options.

Understand how the 4 Greeks behave, as they go into turbo-charged overdrive mode.

Pick the right approach to a strategy. Longs, debit/credit spreads, Calendars, Straddles, Condors.

Maximize the opportunities from Time spreads (Calendars and Diagonals).

Master the adjustment techniques for Weekly Options. YOU WILL need them.

Trade management intensity is High. Lunch may have to wait until 4 pm.

We know there's serious potential with Weeklies. Most only look at this side, but you'll stay ahead.

What Our Trader Community Says



Hi Hari,

I followed your example and put the AAPL Strangle on last night. Nice trade..

Joined your webpage as well and will have a further look what you have to offer.


- Alex

I will follow you very closely from now on Hari. I like your style. Thank you for a well thought out, and executed trade.

- John

I do have it on, and will exit today. Thanks for the great trade, it has paid for the subscription and then some!

As far as your LNKD trade, I wouldn't worry that it didn't work out as planned. This is for trading ideas only and people should be cognizant of the fact that not every idea works. Luckily I didn't place the trade because I didn't fully understand it. I remember the conversation you and I had that if you don't understand the concept fully, don't do it. I'm glad I listened.

Keep the ideas coming! You're doing a great job and l'm learning a lot every day. Thanks!

- Sanjay
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