What do Share Buybacks tell us

Over the last few years, we have been hearing a lot about share buybacks. In fact, share buybacks are at historically high levels. This pattern has been going on for a few years now, and many US companies, holding large amounts of cash are putting it to use by buying back their own shares.

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Priceline Bear Call trade – Update

We put the Priceline Bear Call Trade (PCLN) on Dec 3. At that time, PCLN had stuck its head above the upper Bollinger Band. Just because a stock goes above or below the 2-Standard Deviation bands does not automatically trigger a trade. However, we noted that Priceline had already made an impressive move up of 25%. When these two factors combined, it provided a strong entry signal. This was going to be a “mean reversion” play.

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Will Facebook Mobile advertising and Search save FB

Mark Zuckerberg made all the headlines a week ago when he gave his first public interview in a TechCrunch conference. He mentioned Facebook (FB) was concentrating on mobile as well as improving its Search function, both of which would significantly add to FB’s revenues. Investors cheered and the stock has been up almost 25% since then, before taking a breather yesterday. So is Facebook a buy or this is a head-fake ? Let’s look at the facts –

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Apple – a Growth or Value stock

The world’s largest company, Apple (AAPL) has been smashing one record after another. But the one record it smashed this year maybe the most telling of all. The iPhone alone generates more revenues than the once-almighty Microsoft (MSFT) Corporation. That includes Windows, Office, X-Box, Hotmail, Bing, Windows Live, Windows mobile, and a gazillion other things that MSFT produces. A single product that did not exist 5 years ago makes more sales than all of MSFT. That is simply an astounding fact.

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Is the Stock market a game of skill or chance ?

The stakes in online Poker just got a little higher. Online gambling is a major industry (mostly in the UK where it’s completely legal), and other European and Asian jurisdictions where things are semi-legal, and in America, its mostly an underground but huge industry. Despite it being illegal on paper in the US, in 2010, the industry wagered $20B – no chump change. Facebook just launched its online Bingo platform in the UK. Zynga (ZNGA), Caesars (CZR), and several publicly traded companies in the UK would simple love to see online Poker legalized and taxed in the US

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