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Knowledge. Strategy. Execution.

Options, unlike stocks, are not a roll of the dice. They are 100% pure strategy, like Chess. Strategize, plan, attack, and defend (Managing Risk). We teach exactly this. Predicting price movement is fool’s gold, and with Options, we don’t have to. We manage risk, with Option Greeks and a strong grasp of Probability. If there's one CRITICAL factor in Options, it is the Art of Adjustments and Trade Management. Our secret sauce, which you will master, The OptionTiger methodology is designed to work in all market cycles. Options are mathematical, and they will never change, it's a life long skill

You may have heard the cliche “Close Losers, and let winners Run”. Closing losers is not helpful and you'll lose again, because you learnt nothing. Fight for losers, even if it's tough and uncomfortable. This is the true TIGER approach and leads to “Real Confidence” with Options. Options are the ultimate tool for financial independence. Age or location no bar. But you must be proficient in adjustments.

About Hari Swaminathan

OptionTiger is founded by Hari Swaminathan, an entrepreneur, and a self-taught Options Mentor for almost 10 years. Hari has created 40+ free and paid Option Trading courses, developed proprietary trading strategies for advanced traders, and continues to publish insightful commentary of the most important issues in financial markets, options trading and investing at the OptionTiger Blog.

Hari has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from India, and MBA degrees from Columbia University in NYC and London Business School in the U.K.

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