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Welcome to OptionTiger !

OptionTiger is the most comprehensive site for  Markets and Options education. Options are all about gaining an edge, and what you need to become a master in Options, regardless of level, is right here with over 100 Courses. The Options Mastery Module contains elite Intellectual Property systems

Algorithmic Day Trading Signals

Proprietary Algorithm for Day Trading

This is a monthly subscription service for Day Trading success. A proprietary algorithm considers different Technical Indicator types and outputs the best candidates for day trading on a real-time basis. Success in day trading is mostly about the accuracy of the Entry signals, and this algorithm makes it simple for traders to get very high probability trade ideas. The video contains several examples of the signals demonstration as well as Live trade examples. Live trades are executed at Market Open daily in a private Trading room.

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The Finance and Macroeconomics Module is ideal for newcomers to Financial Markets.


Options learning strategies for Beginners. The theory and foundation is critical. Every Pro started here


The Options Intermediate courses is a key milestone to master to advance to more complex strategies.


Pattern and Chart based trading courses for all types of investors and traders for any instrument


Advanced Options strategies and methods that professionals use, every day. Go Pro with your Trading


Gain an edge by using our proprietary and advanced trading strategies. Mix different strategies for a winning trade


TraderMAX is a 4-week Live trading session in the Markets. Access 3 different sessions from 2016 and 2017.


A Collection of Free Mini-courses on various topics and Technical Analysis by topics and by skill Level.

OptionTiger provides the most thorough option education available, in a step-by-step easy to digest approach aimed at taking you from complete beginner to an Options master.


Option Tiger is dedicated to all things Options and Markets. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader, get the most sophisticated Options and Market content.


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Charting skills are critical to trading, and OptionTiger's 360-degree approach to the markets ensures that you'll become an expert in Technical Analysis and Chart reading skills.

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Start with the Finance and Macroeconomics Bundle if you're totally new to Financial Markets. And then move at your pace from Options Beginner all the way to Options Mastery level.

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OptionTiger is founded by Hari Swaminathan, an entrepreneur, and a self-taught Options Mentor for almost 10 years. Hari has created 40+ free and paid Option Trading courses, developed proprietary trading strategies for advanced traders, and continues to publish insightful commentary of the most important issues in financial markets, options trading and investing at the OptionTiger Blog.

Hari has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from India, and MBA degrees from Columbia University in NYC and London Business School in the U.K.

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