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SwingTradeMax – Swing Trading Course

In this Swing Trading course, we identify trade opportunities that last 1 to 4 weeks using highly targeted signals, customized indicators and a sound trade management plan.

SwingTradeMAX is a chart based signaling system / swing trading course. The timeframe for swing trades is 1 to 4 weeks. However, the indicators used to generate the high probability signals are customized, and the trade mindset applies to anyone who may not have time to follow markets. The customization of the indicators and signals in this Swing trading course provides very high-probability trade entries. Using Options, we can create a High Reward to Risk on these trades, however, the swing trading course can be used to trade Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Index options, and Options on Futures.

Course Details


Swing Trades last a few weeks, so we get the benefit of less noise in the charts, indicators and signals. The net result is that we’re able to clearly identify both entry points and exit points. This type of a swing trading environment is well suited for traders who are otherwise busy people with very little time to look at the markets constantly.

 Real World Examples

Several Live trades demonstrate the High Probability Swing Trading approaches use customized indicators and signals, the Trade Plan, and the Trade Management approach. These Live trades contain trade entry analysis, signal analysis, as well as any adjustments during the lifetime of the trade.

 The Knowledge

The trade methodology and risk management techniques in SwingTradeMAX allows a trader to calmly analyze the situation and step in with no urgency due to the longer term nature of trades. Different types of risk management techniques are covered in this swing trading course in detail.

 Live Trades on Platform

All MAX Mastery systems contain Live trades lasting several days or weeks and includes Adjustments and Trade Management. The MAX systems also are sophisticated approaches to trading the Markets, and are generally very advanced systems, including this swing trading course.

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