Options Beginner Module

Options have a learning curve. The theory and foundation is critical. Every Pro started here


Courses in this Module

All Courses are in chronological order.
All Courses are detailed and can be upto an hour or more.
Individual courses are priced between $9 and $19 each.
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Options Trading Courses

Options have a learning curve. The theory and foundation is critical. Every Pro started here, however it is important to start the learning process in a structured manner.

In this Beginners Bundle of Options trading courses, Call Options and Put Options are explained in simple layman’s language that anyone can understand. These Options trading courses uses real-world examples for Call Options and Put Options.

In the case of Call options, a real-estate example is used, and in the case of Put Options, an Insurance case is used. Understanding these two basic building blocks is critical to understanding the other Options trading courses.

It is recommended to follow the chronological order as laid out on this page to get the most out of these Options trading courses. Time Decay, Implied Volatility and the Option Greeks are key mathematical concepts that underpin the Options market, and these are explained in great detail in these Options trading courses.

These Options trading courses also contain Live trading examples of Buying Call options, Selling Call Options, Buying Put Options, and Selling Put Options by choosing a stock, performing Technical Analysis for good trade entry points, and finally each trade goes through a week or two until the exit. Please also go through the complete list of Mini-courses which is a good supplement to these Options trading courses. Mini-courses take a single concept and takes a deep dive into that concept.

Finally, you can get a Bundle of all the Options trading courses that you see on this page. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the complete Options Beginners Bundle.

Introduction to Call Options

Introduction to Put Options

Time Decay in Options

Implied Volatility in Options

Introduction to Option Greeks

Option Greek Delta

Option Greek Gamma

Option Greek Theta

Option Greek Vega

Use Options to Sell Stock at High Prices

Use Options to Buy Stock at Low Prices

Use Options to Hedge Stock positions

Option Market Structure

Buying Call Options – Live Trade example

Selling Call Options – Live Trade example

Buying Put Options – Live Trade example

Selling Put Options – Live Trade example

Option Strategy Optimization

Single Option Adjustments

Option Greeks and Probability

Mini Courses

Mini-Courses in this Module

Mini-courses focus deep into a particular topic.
Mini-courses are about 5 to 10 minutes long.
Mini-courses costs range from FREE to $5 each

Risk Profile of Stocks versus Options

Stock and Option Quote screens

Capital Efficiency of Stocks and Options

Risk Graphs and Greeks

Module Bundle

Module Bundle

Bundles include all the Full length Courses as well as all the Mini-courses.
Bundles get a 25% discount on the total of all Courses and Mini-courses

Options Beginner Bundle

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