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Great primer on option components

This course provides detailed overviews of the different components of options. The lectures are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Hari does a great job explaining the concepts but keeping the information at a level suitable for a beginner. Before this course I had no idea what Implied Volatility was or what the Greeks meant. Now I have a solid understanding of their basics and function. I look forward to taking more courses and expanding on this knowledge. Thanks Hari.

- Jason

Every option trader needs to be aware of and understand the VIX index.

If you are not clear on the “Fear Index,” Hari does an excellent job in explaining what the VIX is about, as well as very good insight into how to position your trades when the index changes in value.

Thanks Hari. Great job !!!

- Dave

Hari teaches us how VIX is important key component to option trading and which strategies you should employ in various VIX environments.

The VIX is one way to gauge the amount of fear that is priced into the market. The great thing he explained is fundamentals behind VIX calculations, and how the correlations were built between market and VIX over years. Definitely helps you in understanding options trading better, without high VIX, I mean fear ?

Thanks Hari for such wonderful course!

- Amit

Very well done summarization of Options Trading foundations
Simple explanation not only of a Buyer profile but also of a Seller.

First acquaintance of The Greeks and nice “light bulb” of why I have lost money on some of my previous experiments – Vega was the culprit.

You will get very good explanation of all four major Greeks with examples and also first single option trades with examples on TOS platform.

I want to also mention that Hari has very good pronunciation and uses simple and well understandable English which was a big advantage for non-native speakers!

- Pavel

Great tool, well structured!

It was a real pleasure to get access to this course. This is really one of the best I have had the privilege to follow. Thank you Hari.

- Sylvan

Simple explanations

Most things that are not understood by people seem scary at the beginning. Options have always puzzled me and seemed very complex. After only the first few lectures the subject became clearer. Options are anything but simple but Hari explains it well enough for any novice to understand.

- Marcin

Excellent course for beginners

This course is very detailed and offers excellent material. As a beginner, I was looking for details and visual demos. This is exactly what the course offers. The pace is well thought and taught. I have already recommended this course to some of my friends and family. And I have also bought 3 other course by Hari on Udemy. Great job!

- Dipti

Hari — as best I can tell from the TDA transaction history, I netted $6868 on the trade closed yesterday. I did not participate in the earlier This is the net price after commissions, which amounted to $910.

Almost 7% on my account size of $100,000 devoted to HG trades.

I am happy with the results, but it was very hectic Tuesday and Wednesday. The timing was perfect.

- Larry

Can’t wait to start the condormax trades.

Let me just say that I have been studying options for a while now, and I have never seen anybody approaching options the way you do.

Some of the tactics seem, so let, just say rationale and simply but so powerful. Really happy that I have purchased the course I think it will help me a lot going forward.

You really do provide a fabulous service for budding option traders, please keep up the great work.
Best wishes

- Ivan

Hi Hari,

I followed your example and put the AAPL Strangle on last night. Nice trade..

Joined your webpage as well and will have a further look what you have to offer.


- Alex

I will follow you very closely from now on Hari. I like your style. Thank you for a well thought out, and executed trade.

- John

I do have it on, and will exit today. Thanks for the great trade, it has paid for the subscription and then some!

As far as your LNKD trade, I wouldn’t worry that it didn’t work out as planned. This is for trading ideas only and people should be cognizant of the fact that not every idea works. Luckily I didn’t place the trade because I didn’t fully understand it. I remember the conversation you and I had that if you don’t understand the concept fully, don’t do it. I’m glad I listened.

Keep the ideas coming! You’re doing a great job and l’m learning a lot every day. Thanks!

- Sanjay

Cutting edge advantage in options education

The course offers cutting edge advantage to the students in options education. Hari goes straight to the point and wastes no time in beating around the bush. His walk through the trade using this strategies under discussion offers student a great way to see how to think and execute through the process. A best way to see how the strategies are applied in real life.

- Arvind

Great presentation with good examples!

This is a great presentation with sufficient detail to help newbie option traders understand some very complex details about how to use credit spreads to generate income. Especially useful were the real life examples of how to adjust the trade when it works both in your favor and when it goes against you.

- Jon

Dear Hari, this is one of the best courses i have ever taken, you are a great teacher and the concepts you explain are very clear but mind blowing, thanks a lot for teaching me, it opened up a whole new dimension in my trading, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE TO ANYONE.

- Don

I had a pretty good understanding of the greeks and option strategy’s before taking this course but section 3 really helped me understand all the moving parts. Hari has a way of explaining the individual components of constructing a trade and making it simple to understand. The live trade adjustments helped me understand how/when/where to make adjustments. I highly recommend this course for anyone that would like to learn how to trade option spreads.

- Ken

Had a great week and took up annual subscription.

- Ramesh

Interesting week. The good news is I made a few grand on smallish trades, so its all paid for now. Once I feel like I have it down, I will add more risk, so its real money, I don’t know if I have time to trade everyday, but I think the chat room is a pretty good forum for talking about ideas of this kind of stuff. I am inclined to join on the special that you have going. However, based on some of the chat conversations that we were having this week, I feel like I need to get a better handle on the actual technique that you are using here as you see it. I certainly didn’t want to seem like I was just challenging things you were saying in the public chat, but I either didn’t completely agree or didn’t quite understand your perspective on a few points. For example, I understand the difference between swing and day trading. But that doesn’t mean that one can’t use info from a multi day chat to determine an intra day trade. I need to better understand how you are using the longer term charts for the day trades. I’ve watched the videos twice now.

So I’d like to sign up for the one year package, but I’d like to ask you to spend say 15-20 mins with me on the phone so that I can get the clarity I need to get on the same page as you. I think it would be very help to do that as an enhancement to the videos. Is that something we can do. Many thanks.

- Alan

This is a key step to options educations

I was very impressed to the detailed teaching of this level for options.

- Allen

Really informative course!

I really learned a lot in this course. The GLD trade turned out to be a great teaching example because of all of the adjustments that needed to be made. I now have the confidence to try those types of adjustments myself

- Benjamin

Excellent explanation

You can tell when someone knows his subject because the incomprehensible becomes understandable. I liked this because I could immediately see why my few previous attempts at investing with straddles and strangles had proven ineffective. Many teachers give the theory but seeing it in action on real trades has much more impact.

- Ronald

Good examples

Hari provides a very clear explanation for someone with some prior experience with options. What is especially useful is how he walks through “day by day” how real world market action impacts his straddle trade. His explanation of the adjustment(s) and how this trade plays out is very clear.

- Michael

Hari does a great job with this course. I came to it already knowing a fair bit about options. But because i want to use the course as the basis for continuing with Hari’s higher level option courses, I decided to take it. I was surprised to discover just how much i did not know. I was also surprised to discover just how much easier it is to learn the relevant concepts via video lessons than by reading a book, something i’ve tried to do in the past with little success. Or maybe it’s just Hari’s teaching style that makes it so easy, and enjoyable. Regardless, I heartily recommend the course.

- Dr E. Wells

Just when you thought there was a topic regarding options that seems to be going to get more complex, more intimidating, and more challenging to comprehend, Hari offers a course to break it all down and allow you to consume the knowledge in piece-meal, reasonable manner so that you would ‘get it’. Combining knowlegde learned from previous courses, one can learn how to use these particular options to generate income. Hari did an excellent job as the lectures were presented in an easily compmrehensible format and tries to keep the concepts accessible to a beginner’s level of understanding. Using the trading platform to show up it is done in a trading situation also adds to the learning experience instead of just talking about theory.

- Vic

Very complete course in which the insturctor makes a nice and clear comparison and analysis of the Bear Call versus the Bull Put. It is explained as well how to choose the expiration date and the ideal strike price. For each type of spread the instructor gives complete examples with in-depth considerations to each of the Greeks, choose of the entry point, strike prices, and volatility. The course brings a series of adjustments that helped me to understand how to manage these spreads at any case, In your direction or against your direction. I do recommend this excellent course.

Thank you Hari, well done.

- Abraham

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