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Options Courseware and Education


Options Beginner

Start your Options journey with the ultimate foundational knowledge on Options theory complemented by practical trading examples


Options Intermediate

Learn about Option Spreads, adjustments, income strategies, the VIX and Index trading etc. Options Spreads are the heart of Options trading.


Options Advanced

Take your Options trading skills to the mastery level with these advanced strategies, techniques and guerilla tactics. Options trading at its finest.


Macroeconomics and Finance Bundle

Get a detailed understanding of Financial asset classes, global markets and investing and deep dives into the US Stock and US Bond markets


Technical Analysis Bundle

Master key concepts in Technical analysis, Volume analysis and follow the Smart Money in the markets.


The entire Courseware Bundle

Get all of the OptionTiger courseware. 47 Courses. Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Macroeconomics and Technical Analysis Bundles


Free Courses

Browse through our ever growing list of Free courses and training videos on technical analysis and various trading and market concepts.


Market update videos

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YouTube Channel

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Proprietary Trading Systems



Get the ultimate intellectual property to manage and tame any kind of Iron condor. Tackle all the negatives of an Iron condor.



Mastering the art of adjustments is key to success with Options. Learn the philosophy and approach to adjusting winners and losers



Take maximum advantage of the unique features of Weekly Options in a smart way to create a consistent weekly income from Options



ETFs are one of the most under-rated instruments. This ETF class shows you how to make extraordinary returns in a safe manner



Powerful Intraday trading system with customized indicators. Get high probability trade entries. Comes with risk management techniques.



Powerful swing trading system using customized indicators and signals. Trades last from a few days to a few weeks with clear exit signals.



Master the analytical approach for Earnings reports trades. Apply these six trade categories during earnings season every quarter.


IncomeMAX spreads and straddles

Trade debit spreads, straddles, and strangles with an edge. A powerful approach to creating consistent and repeatable monthly income.


Proprietary Systems Bundle

Proprietary Systems Bundle See all Bundle options for all the Proprietary systems. You can save 25% or more with Bundles




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Monthly Subscriptions


Courseware subscription

Now you can get the entire 47-course Options mastery curriculum on a monthly subscription. Receive one course a week for 47 weeks


Proprietary systems subscription

Get all of OptionTiger's proprietary systems on a monthly subscription. Get one "MAX" product every 6 weeks for a year.


Courseware & Proprietary systems

A monthly subscription of all the Courseware and the Proprietary systems. Get courses / products for a whole year. See inside for details



Attend our Live Webinars


Introduction to Options Live webinar

Join us for the next Live Webinar on "Introduction to Options" and get a feel for what Options are all about and how you can benefit from them.


Secrets to "Powerful Swing Trading" Live Webinar

Master the fine art of "swing" trading and the potential to make high performance trades using customized indicators and signals


Explosive Intraday Option profits webinar

Learn to use Options to make explosive returns on trades on a daily basis with customized indicators and high-probability signalling systems


Long term investing with ETFs webinar

Learn how you can use "Low risk High reward" trades using ETFs for potential triple-digit returns. Ideal for 401K, IRA and international traders