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What a historic milestone in the markets today. The SPX above 1600, and the Dow tipped its head briefly above 15,000 and the Nasdaq at 13 year highs….Wow..Of course, we can debate whether actual conditions on Main street warrants such lofty market highs. But who am I to argue – we react to the markets, not predict them.

As it happened, today’s market topping moment gave us an opportunity to exit our monthly trading cycle (29 days to be precise). We ended with a profit of 18K on a capital base of 200K, a clear 9% return for the month.

How this trade played out (more details here – https://optiontiger.com/holy-grail-options-trading-strategies/ )


1) The past 30 days saw 4 trades of the OptionEDGE strategy

2) Two were trades in down markets, and two were in up markets

3) On each trade, we made a profit of 3K to 5K

4) The inaugural recording of the course witnessed a see-sawing market and the OptionEDGE performed stellar in all 4 trades.

5) The OptionEDGE works in up or down markets – I could not have designed the trades better, even if I had the ability to.


The special on the 3-month service (free) ends this week as we prepare to launch the product. The entire course is now ready, and uploaded. So you can get in on this strategy RIGHT NOW..

I have a special for our group members, so please email me at info@optiontiger.com – After Sunday this special is over..This is a very powerful “hedge fund type” strategy suitable for intermediate and the most advanced Options traders. This one strategy will change your trading career once and for all.

Have a great weekend, everyone !!

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