OptionTiger Facebook Group is now Live!

Facebook Options Traders Group

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook Group, dedicated to Options enthusiasts, general Market participants and anyone that wants to harness the power of collective and interactive learning.

Wait a Second… How is this Facebook group any different from the gazillion Forums, Chat groups or other such communities, you might ask. And that’s of course an excellent question. And to answer that, we should understand why such groups fail, or lose steam after the initial burst of energy.

Most such Forums and Groups fail because at some point, the integrity of the community gets compromised due to the lack of attention or importance given to the community. It gets unruly, overrun by spammers, and runs amuck and the community managers lose their commitment and control.

The OptionTiger Facebook group for Traders

Our team plans to be active every market day, and I plan to be active as much as possible as well. We are all committed 100% to this group, not just for lip service, but truth be told, we ourselves feel the need to have ONE venue for the exchange of ideas, discussions and so on. The same question gets asked a 100 different times, and I find myself giving the same answer each time, which is inefficient. Moreover, each of us have limited resources to follow markets and developments, and too often this leads to missing some important news or developments that can have direct impact on our activities. This group aims to solve a lot of these problems for all of us.

This video explains what we have planned for this Facebook group, and I can tell you this is going to be very exciting, interesting, and as we grow, we’re going to make sure we don’t lose the integrity of the purpose.

Welcome everyone, it is Free to join, so please one of these links and let’s get started. Thank you..





Watch the OptionTiger FB Group Video

From the OptionTiger team


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