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Your roadmap to success with Options trading

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If there is any one request that I’ve received from OptionTiger customers over the years, it is this…

Do you or Can you offer a “mentorship” service so I can learn to trade and be successful with Options.

I’ve always wanted to have an answer to this question, or solve this problem. But obviously, it’s not practical to have a 1-on-1 mentorship program, as each customer is different, at different levels, has different account sizes and their situations are different. But I believe I’ve arrived at a solution on how to achieve this now.

Attend this very Special Webinar tonight (Sunday) at 8 pm ET, where we’ll discuss TraderMAX – the ultimate Options mentoring product. This unique product format will work for everyone. 

Success with Options

As you may know, with Options, there are three keys to success, and this especially applies to Options. They are –

1) Options knowledge –

This means we should know everything about the ways Options work. The Greeks, Time decay, Implied Volatility, Debit or credit spreads and much more

2) Decision-making skills – 

Especially when it comes to adjustments, and the capacity to “pull the trigger”. This is a bit more difficult that the point above.

3) Emotional self-control – 

The ability to control your emotions of fear and greed, in winning and losing situations, and keeping your objectives always in perspective is a soft skill, but this is perhaps the hardest of them all.

All three components are equally important. Learning Options (as complicated as Options may be) is honestly the easiest of the three. 2 and 3 is really what separates the consistent winners from the losers.

What is TraderMAX all about


All of the above can be developed on your own over time, but it takes time, mistakes happen, losses occur, wrong decisions are made and sometimes in panic and ultimately performance suffers. This is the experience of all Options traders, including myself, as I’ve learnt by making mistakes and losing money in my first couple of years with Options. Now you have the opportunity to avoid this entire cycle of frustration and losses.

This Webinar introduces OptionTiger’s newest product TraderMAX (and arguably could be the Ultimate Options product for consistent success). You’ll have the opportunity to learn the skills for all three success components, and TraderMAX will help you develop all three skills in an intensive 1-month mentorship program.

Register for this Free Webinar tomorrow night at 8 pm ET. This could be the only thing that you need to change your trading performance forever.

Register here, and look forward to seeing you on the Webinar

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(https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3228635996629752833 )


Hari Swaminathan

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