Options Trading software platforms

Options Trading software platforms

Options Trading software platforms


One of the most common questions that traders around the world have is about Options trading software and platforms.


Which platform is good ? What are the pros and cons of each ?


And which platforms (brokers) accept customers from which countries ?


When it comes to Options trading software, not all platforms have similar capabilities. Options are complex to model, and they differ in this aspect from Stock trading platforms.


Most notably, the key features that separates one Options trading platform to another is the ability of the platform to simulate, and analyze risk of positions. And when you throw in the fact that Options simulation needs to be done on three variables – price movement, passage of time, and changes in Implied Volatility, this becomes a formidable task for a platform.


At OptionTiger, we don’t represent any particular Options trading software or platform or broker, and we don’t receive any commissions for recommending them. So the two videos below is fair and objective review of all the Option trading platforms out there in the market.


The second video addresses the issue of international investors, and some basic information around the Options trading platforms available in certain countries like Australia, India, UK and Canada.






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