Jim Rogers interview – Honest and interesting

One of the few successful global investors who’s not afraid to speak his mind – and the truth.  You may not agree with all his views, but he makes sense for the most part. The Reuters journalist is a bit annoying, but this Jim Rogers interview is interesting as always.


Notable points:

  • The Eurozone will survive with a handful of countries who can pay their bills. (If they survive, that is)
  • Greece and other weaker countries may withdraw and the ensuing chaos can be unpredictable
  • Has no faith in Obama or Romney, but feels Romney can’t do any worse than Obama.
  • Is strongly in favor of cutting taxes and cutting spending “with a chainsaw”
  • Myanmar is the hottest investment opportunity of the future. Claims it was the richest Asian country in 1952 (hmm..have to fact-check that)
  • Investing in Myanmar is like investing in China in 1978
  • Agriculture and water the big opportunities of the next decade
  • Hates Tech stocks, especially Facebook at 40 times forward earnings (understandable)

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6 thoughts on “Jim Rogers interview – Honest and interesting

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