Proprietary Day Trading Signals launched

Proprietary Day Trading Signals Service

OptionTiger is launching its own proprietary Day Trading Signals service. The Signals are the result of a carefully crafted algorithm which takes various Market parameters as well as individual Stock parameters. It also includes sentiment elements from the Options market. To get the best signals for trade entry, different types of indicators are considered.  Dynamic events like Moving Average cross-overs are also factored into the algorithm. The many parameters that go into the algorithm are discussed in the short videos below. These videos describe the analysis and the demonstration of the signals working real-time in the markets. A few sample trade videos are also included.

Click here to know more and sign up for the Proprietary Day Trading Signals service.


Proprietary Day Trading Signals analysis video




Sample Trade Videos

Dec 26th – Sample Trade on Boeing (BA) with an ROI of 80%

Dec 31st – Sample Trade on Netflix (NFLX) with an ROI of 18%

January 3, 2019 – Sample trade on Booking.com (BKNG) with 35% ROI

Day Trading Service details

To know more about the service itself, and the format, please watch this video below


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